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Cash for homes

Why sell your house for cash?

The primary reason people sell their homes for cash is because repairs (needed to pass an inspection) and upgrades (needed to get the house to an acceptable state for new owners) are simply too much. With a cash sale, the seller determines the closing date which can happen in as quickly as 7 days.

Additionally, we offer complimentary cleanouts for our cash sale clients so if you have a lifetime of trinkets, furniture, magazines, yard sale finds, etc. and you don't want to deal with them, we'll take care of it for you. We donate what we can to local families first, then dispose of the rest at no cost to you.

Who sells their house for cash?

People who are going through a divorce or heirs who need to liquidate a property, and folks who want to downsize their homes are some of the more common types of clients we see.

We've also seen people who are in a hurry to sell because of health or financial reasons: these people cannot afford to wait months (on average) to make repairs and go through the real estate listing process.

Benefits of selling a house for cash

  • You’ll get a lump sum of cash at the time of closing (in as little as 7 days).
  • You’ll avoid real estate agent commissions and inspection fees.
  • You'll avoid making repairs or passing an inspection.
  • You’ll close with bonafide investors.
  • You'll walk away from any personal belongings or furniture that you don't want.